The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) has provided two decades of essential protections for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. But political squabbles in the House of Representatives are threatening to prevent its renewal and pull away the protections of countless victims.

These abusers often hold financial or physical power over their victims, who are often in fear for their lives, using it to control them. When the government doesn’t offer a certain amount of confidentiality to victims of abuse, the abuser has the opportunity to retaliate against them, destroying their lives in any way they can. As such, losing VAWA would deter victims from seeking sanctuary, and would keep violent attackers roaming free in our community.

Whatever your political views, losing VAWA would be a major step backwards, and it’s unclear how the government will benefit from its disappearance beyond party politics. Join us in letting the House know we will not let them trade in the lives of men, women and children for a few political points. Sign this petition and tell them to keep the Violence Against Women Act a safe haven for all victims of abuse.

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