I know I post lots of petitions and some with horrific pictures but it takes one minute of your life to help in maybe changing these outcomes for these beautiful creatures that suffer at our hands.

My daughter sarah was 13 years old when she got princesa To us she is family not just a dog , dogs are pets not food they all deserve love…Read More

Nobody touch the Dog

I lived in Zimbabwe for 37 years up to the year 2000 and have employed gardener sand grooms, and always made sure they had plenty to eat. Even so I still caught them snaring pigeons and any bird or animal they could. I have had cats disappear and pet rabbits. I have broken my heart over so many…Read More

Sorry, this is not a story.This is the truth for the understanding the serious difference between human and two-legged being.
Declare that either man or dog,cat ext. are revealing exactly same elements. Those are 5 the number, which are earth, water, air, fire and ether.Both man and animals are…Read More

I love the animals and they must be live without pain .please stop the kill dogs.

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