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Nobody touch the Dog

My pretty girl saying hi !

Nobody touch the Dog

We are living in the 21st Cedntury, and as technology dehumanises us we need people to raise the awareness of how we cause suffering to animals in the name of eating. I am not vegetarian.........I believe we are all a part of the cycle of species living off each other. However to use extreme…Read More

I know I post lots of petitions and some with horrific pictures but it takes one minute of your life to help in maybe changing these outcomes for these beautiful creatures that suffer at our hands.

I lived in Zimbabwe for 37 years up to the year 2000 and have employed gardener sand grooms, and always made sure they had plenty to eat. Even so I still caught them snaring pigeons and any bird or animal they could. I have had cats disappear and pet rabbits. I have broken my heart over so many…Read More

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