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Leopold Vincent

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Nobody Touch The Dog

To the new generation of VIETNAM There is something very disgusting and shameful in your country … THE DOG MEAT TRADE You are the future of Vietnam and foreigners think that all the people of this country are cruel to animals and eat dog and cat meat, they don't make any difference. So you got two choices : 1 – You can close your eyes and say nothing about this horrible trade. Thousands of dogs are stolen, tortured and killed by smugglers in Vietnam and also in Thailand to satisfy the stomach of uncivilized people in Vietnam. In this case, if you are pets lovers, I hope you will never suffer as me to see your dog or your cat stolen and sold for the consumption, thanks to significant and bad people who earn a lot of money without worrying about your feelings. 2 – Or you can say No To Dog Meat in your country and tell your friends and your relatives to stop eating pet meat, you can spread the news and say that you do not agree with the barbarians who put your country to shame. Two of my dogs have been stolen, they were part of my family. Animals like cats and dogs have feelings like us ... joy, anger, sadness, faithfulness and of course love. Many people talk about tradition ... Do you think stealing, torturing, killing an animal that belongs to someone is tradition ? there are more and more thefts of dogs and more and more shoot-outs between smugglers and dogs owners. Many people on both sides die. Dog meat restaurants and receivers shops of stolen dogs and cats must be closed. You can also help by sponsoring Best regards, Leo

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Yadi Rivera

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Nobody Touch The Dog

Please help me sign this petition and put a end to the killing of dogs for meat in China. If you see the inhumane way they kill these dogs your heart will hurt. The suffering they go through is unimaginable. These are Gods animals and to do something so barbaric to them is unethical and just plain wrong. Take a few minutes and sign the petition we are so close to getting all signatures needed to bring it to their government. Please don't turn your heads or pass, help us do the right thing. Thank you for your time.

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Nina Belkania

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Nobody Touch The Dog

I feel angry and disappointed when I see how some people treat dogs . I have a dog myself and i love him very much , everyone treats him as a family member. When I see how dogs are being treated it really breaks my heart . If anyone would of done that to my pet I don't think that person would ever be able to walk again or touch anyone . I want to participate and help because I want it to be stopped

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