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Inspire, Educate, And Empower Girls

I am a young girl of age 15, and I am currently situated in Africa. There are millions of girls who are denied education and many more luxuries for various reasons such as arranged marriage or simply because their parents do not have the money for it. I am privileged enough that I receive a good education but my heart bleeds for the millions of girls who do not, for if one has knowledge, one has power. I have been inspired by the many events that have occurred lately in Africa as a whole, and I feel that they should be given education as a simple human right. I used to be quite ignorant to this, but because Africa, zimbabwe in specific is in economic crisis even if girls are given education for a while they usually drop out when the parents can no longer pay resulting in arranged marriages and without the right qualifications all they will ever be is a house wife. Please support this campaign in order for more girls to receive an education and so they can make something of themselves and so that the people who deny them education may realise that it is wrong. My goal is to make other people aware of this, to ensure that women rise and may become something great in life, that women may be allowed their own opinions.

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