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Train And Connect Organizers Working For Positive Change

I recently participated in Women's Startup Weekend. As a result I'm involved with marketing for a non-profit in the Ed:Tech space. Our mission is to empower kids to learn, create, and develop the next great app, website, logo, or computer code through collaboration and teamwork: I joined the Causes Leadership program in order to expand my knowledge base in regards to nonprofit campaign strategy and online organizing. I'm excited to set my learnings into action: both for my personal cause, and hopefully as a resource for others who seek knowledge on best practices for marketing their important causes. I'd appreciate if you'd pledge your support!

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Jennifer Olin

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Train And Connect Organizers Working For Positive Change

I have been a proud supporter of George Stinney, Jr. for quite some time now. Learning his tragic story touched my heart. I could not believe that someone could be executed wrongfully. Since then, I have continued to support George everyday, and during this time I found a new callling in my life. I decided I wanted to be an advocate for those who are unable to speak out for themselves. I want to represent all the wrongful convicted that are still locked up in prisons. I want to better the world through public actions, and raise awareness of our failing justice system.

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