Hello wonderful supporters

  • Update #13

After seeing the 5050 video, I made the decision to reopen this petition again. Please know, this petition was already delivered. But maybe…. by reopening it, we will be able to put some pressure on these South African Government officials? Ps: I will no…Read More

Hello Dearest supporters,

  • Update #11

We made it everyone !   Thank YOU  Thank YOU  Thank YOU for your continued support on this petition ! Which caused a lot of fuss by some, whom in my opinion still don't see purpose of it.   So far the petition will be firstly delivered in South Africa -…Read More

​Hello Dearest supporters.

  • Update #9

Global Marches Against Canned Hunting are being planned Worldwide as we speak. On Saturday 15 March 2014 the World will Unite in a Global March for Lions. For more info about the canned hunting industry, please take the time to read this article, it sums it…Read More

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