Hi again,

  • Update #14

I will try to make a few things clear. For starters, if you get an update on a petition…. This MEANS that you DID signed it in the past ! Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to send the update to you. So instead of jumping on your high horses immediately , could…Read More

New Petition

  • Update #13

Hello Dear Supporters,  I recently started another campaign addressed to CITES. It would be wonderful if I could get your full support on this new petition by signing - sharing - tweeting and inviting via the wonderful Causes "ask friends and supporters to…Read More

Hello Dearest supporters,

  • Update #11

We made it everyone !   Thank YOU  Thank YOU  Thank YOU for your continued support on this petition ! Which caused a lot of fuss by some, whom in my opinion still don't see purpose of it.   So far the petition will be firstly delivered in South Africa -…Read More

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