12 million victims a year. 3 women, 1 man and 2 children a day die because of domestic violence. 10% of the victims had protective orders but the police did not have enough notice to intervene in time. the Police are unable to enforce these orders without substantial evidence they are being violated and that is usually when it is too late for the victims.  85% of the time a protective order is violated within the first 48 hours it is issued.   This does not have to happen any more.

Growing tired of the "there is nothing else we can do " excuses from the legal community knowing there was something we can do.  My Partner, Laurie and I have over 30 years of telecom/datacom engineering experience and we developed a tool that will perform predictive policing and we called it the Guardianator.  

The Guardianator is a combination of Network proprietary code and specially designed tamper resistant tracking devices which we call guardians.  when an order is issued, details of the order will be programmed into the Guardianator.  the guardians will be locked on to the offender and the victim.  The guardianator will monitor them 24/7.  If the guardians are tampered with or removed or if hte order is violated real-time detailed alerts will be sent to the victim so they can seek safety, to the police so they can track down the offender and a report is generated to be used as evidence to enforce the order.  

The orders are a piece of paper issued by court defining the parameters of a person to refrain from another person, it is solely based on the perpetrators word, it does not come with a guard or gun to make them adhere to it and they are very difficult to enforce.  One incident where the victim had over 10 times where the perpetrator would walk into the victims home and terrorize her and destroyed her home and the police had no valid evidence to arrest the person responsible just based on her word.  

 The orders loose creditably with the victims because they can not be enforced unless there is substantial proof they are being violated and usually that is when it is too late for the victim.  it is also a lot of time and effort in court and usually the judge will throw it out so the victims grow weary of the lack of support of these types of orders and the orders loose creditably among victims and they usually stop getting them.   We believe by having a means to protect the victims and enforce the orders when they are violated they will be more inclined to get these orders. 

This tool also rules out suspects.  So if you are a honorable person and not doing anything wrong this tool can prove that too. 

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