Sustainable Automated Free Food Environments

Encouraging World Leaders to embrace basic human rights providing resources and funding to advance project S.A.F.F.E (Sustainable Automated Free Food Environments)  providing free education, free shelter, and free food.  Advancing the human race to contribute creative educated options towards global crisis.

 S.A.F.F.E is designed to offer free shelter, free education, perpetual free food. 

 S.A.F.F.E offers the capacity to feed 1 million people daily per unit.   Over a billion people suffer daily without nourishment.  Without healthy food.  Without access to education.

  S.A.F.F.E restores damaged eco systems offering renewable resources such as biofuels,  purified air, uncontaminated filtered drinking water, plant oils, fish oils, compost 

   S.A.F.F.E advances humanity strengthening an integral choice to labour.  Filtering out frivolous corporations  that no longer benefit humanity, preserve precious limited resources, and nourish the environment. 

  One of many pressing global challenges inviting immediate attention………….     

  Radiation from Fukushima continues to sweep across the Pacific Ocean.  400 tonnes of water is being contaminated cooling fuel rods daily.  Earth's Ocean resource is perpetually decreasing contaminating neighbouring Ocean's and fresh water lakes creating an "Unknown Compound", that is no longer H2O.  Water that is fatal to human consumption,  to human life, to our shared environment, to all life, threatening human existence.   Urgent attention is critical  towards this global threat.  Time is of the essence.       

  S.A.F.F.E is intended to release humanity from the chains of forced monetary labour redirecting humanity's consciousness towards restoring damaged eco systems exploring global environment solutions.  The challenges are beyond any one soul, any group, any current political establishment, any financial institution.  This is humanity's challenge as a whole, as a unit, as a family, as a species, as one.       

  One billion people progressively live in poverty, starving, without adequate shelter, with no access to free education.  This is a powerful force of neglected nature where human health hinders participation contributing towards humanity's struggle.  S.A.F.F.E heals the human environment bringing vast communities together providing free food, free shelter, free education, dedicated towards a common goal, a shared interest.   Our Environment.  Our existence.  Our environment is our existence.  Without a healthy environment, humanity will not survive.   

  S.A.F.F.E is prepared with design's to present a prototype to World Leaders, supporters, network communities, brothers and sisters, our children, family,  people alike at the next summit.  With your permission, I urge you  to support S.A.F.F.E and petition World Leaders to contribute resources and funding advancing  project S.A.F.F.E.   Advancing the human race. 

   I look forward to the first step in eliminating world hunger,  inviting unified leadership towards a shared global interest governing humanity's struggle  

 I welcome your signature and support. 




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