Dear Friends and Supporters,

First off, thank you for reading this far and potentially signing my petition. My lifelong dream of serving my country as an officer in the U.S Navy was dashed when I developed a mild case of Psoriasis several years ago. This non-contagious skin disease affects 125 million people worldwide and is currently without a known cure. It appears as small red patches of skin with white flakes on top (very similar to dandruff) and, for my specific case, it is a cosmetic issue only.

I was recently accepted into St. Anthony's Paramedic School – a world renowned school for emergency medicine. Since I was denied entrance into the Navy I have also been a practicing EMT. I know that if I was given the chance, I would be an extremely effective combat medic, capable of helping thousands of Marines overseas.

By signing this petition you will simply be showing that you believe I should be allowed to serve our beautiful country as a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman in the United States Navy (Combat Medic attached to a Marine Unit). It is hard to put this feeling of sadness to rest after being denied for such a seemingly minor cosmetic condition that is easily controlled.

With enough signatures, I believe we can gain the attention of those required at BUMED and perhaps persuade them into granting this medical waiver that was once denied. Please help me get their attention by signing this petition and even perhaps sharing it or leaving a comment. Every single signature counts and I really think that with enough support, together we can help make things right.

Thank you.

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