Every one should be allowed to love and marry. Whoever they choose whatever gender .

I believe that everyone should be allowed to marry the love of their lives. No one should be denied that fundamental right to be allowed the right to marry and be afforded all the benefits of said marriage that all straight men and women have.

tell Chattanooga's mayor: Stand up for the Freedom to Marry!

I have two very good friends in Brooklyn new York . I support you all the way because there are still people who donot want to shout up thay are still running there mouths and a lot of them do not even know what thay are talking about .if there is anything I can do to help I will again I support…Read More

I believe that love shouldn't be defined be law. That men and women are equals and that love isn't only for one or the other. If a man loves a man and a woman loves a woman, they shouldn't have to hide it, or feel ashamed about it- it's love. You can't define feelings. I also believe that same-sex…Read More

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