Bad news, Sriracha lovers...

  • Update #3

Since Oct. 31st, the city of Irwindale has received 36 complaints about the smell of chili and garlic emanating from hot sauce factory - the most recent of which was filed last Monday. Seems like the new "powerful" roof filtration system that Huy Fong Foods…Read More

Sriracha alternatives...?

  • Update #2

According to some, losing Sriracha "would be a bigger crisis than having an oil shortage" - food just wouldn't be worth eating. However, others have already started preparing for the worst and exploring hot sauce alternatives.  Do you think any of these…Read More

Sriracha is safe! For now...

  • Update #1

This just in: a judge has denied Irwindale's request to halt sriracha production at the Huy Fong Foods factory!  But the fight to save our beloved hot sauce from the negative nancy's of Irwindale, CA is far from over. A hearing for a preliminary injunction…Read More