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Save Sriracha!

Our beloved Sriracha faces shutdown by hot-sauce haters who are complaining about the chili smell

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Jade Batstone
Jade Batstone Campaign leader

Might be time to start stockpiling!

The Sriracha Factory Could Get Shut Down. Panic?

Smithsonian magazine
In Irwindale, California, nose-y neighbors, sick of the supposedly strong chili smell emanating from the factory where Sriracha hot sauce is made, want the Huy Fong Foods factory shut down unless the odor can be abated. The city has filed a public nuisance lawsuit, says the Associated Press, “seeking temporary closure of the factory until Huy Fong…Read More

Better stock up on Sriracha now!

Sriracha shipping halted until mid-January by state regulators

Sriracha hot sauce manufacturer Huy Fong Foods cannot ship out any more sauce until mid-January because the California Department of Public Health has begun enforcing stricter guidelines for the company.  Their three sauces, Sriracha, Chili Garlic and Sambal Oelek, now must be held for at least 35 days before they can be shipped to food…Read More

The City of Irwindale, Calif. had filed a nuisance complaint in an LA County court against Huy Fong Foods, makers of the popular hot sauce…Read More

Judge imposes injunction on Sriracha factory over odors

Circa News
The city of Irwindale on Nov. 22 filed a request for preliminary injunction against the Sriracha plant the city claims is responsible for a series of ailments affecting nearby residents. Late on Nov. 26, LA Superior Court Judge Robert H. O'Brien agreed to impose the injunction. While the judge found a, "lack of credible evidence," of any actual…Read More

Rumor has it my brother was single-handedly responsible for depleting a a UCLA dining hall's supply of Sriracha. Here's an excellent look…Read More

The highly unusual company behind Sriracha, the world’s coolest hot sauce

If David Tran were a more conventional CEO, he would be a fixture at conferences, a darling of magazine profiles, and a subject of case studies in the Harvard Business Review. Sriracha hot sauce, made by Huy Fong Foods, which Tran founded 33 years ago in Los Angeles, is one of the coolest brands in town. There are entire cookbooks written to…Read More
Jade Batstone
Jade Batstone Campaign leader

Are there viable alternatives to Sriracha out there? My opinion? To channel Beyonce, "it's irreplaceable...."

Sriracha shortage panic? There's tons of options

Fox News
Is a meal without Sriracha worth eating? It's a quandary that recently took on real and scary proportions for fans of the wildly — perhaps even weirdly — popular tangy Thai hot sauce. Sriracha lovers had a near miss this week when a judge rejected a Southern California city's bid to shut down production at the Irwindale facility. Residents had…Read More
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