Over 1,200 signatures this week!

  • Update #4

I finished my bicycle film tour: 1,000 miles for 10,000 signatures last Friday. The film touched the heart of 376 people who spread the word to urge their friends to sign this petition. I thank you for joining this campaign and movement. Please continue to…Read More

Over 950 this week!

  • Update #3

Thank you so much for your continuous support in signing the petition and asking your friends to do the same!! This week I had 542 people joined this campaign, 475 new signatures since last week. I I have 11 days more to ride 1,000 miles to reach my goal of…Read More

Over 200 signatures in 4 days!

  • Update #1

Thank you all for your support in signing this petition and spreading the word. In just last 4 days, we have reached over 200 signatures on this petition! I will have the first public screening of the film in Portland tonight. If you are in the area, please…Read More