The World Parrot Trust began its
efforts to save the wild parrots of the world in 1989. Since then, millions of
parrots (over 50 species) across the globe (38 countries) have been protected.

Now it's Africa's turn.

Many parrot populations in Africa are at risk of disappearing, forever.

The wildlife trade, habitat loss and other threats endanger many of Africa's parrots: Grey parrot numbers have plummeted. Timneh parrots have disappeared from much of their range. Cape parrots are battling against the loss of habitat and disease, and many more parrots in Africa face similar dangers.

The World Parrot Trust recognizes
the need for more to be done. This has led to the development
of the
Conservation Programme (WPT-ACP), which aims to work with a range
of partners to promote conservation that benefits parrots in Africa.

By signing this pledge to be kept informed about the plight of Africa's parrots, you are becoming part of the solution.

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