Click the following Link for  a FREE download of his incredible life story also selling at Amazon and BN  - "PAST MISTAKES - and the Carefully Crafted Central Coast Rapist" - FREE pdf is at - Click on "Joseph's Story" (link is beneath his photos).

Joe Garcia was falsely accused and wrongfully convicted of multiple crimes in one trial - rapes, attempted rapes, and burglaries - conveniently disposing of 8 politically embarrassing unsolved cases in one trial, a horrendous task for any defense lawyer to adequately defend.  And by Denying Joe Garcia a DNA test, the conspiracy to convict an innocent man remains covered up."

In fact, there was never any "serial rapist" but that claim and the media attention got his prosecutor a judgeship.  Each victim described her atacker differently -- as Black, White, Hispanic, ages 18-20 (Joe was 42 and Native American) , etc., and some even named their attacker in police reports, but when they testified in Court, trial transcripts reveal changed stories whe each pointed to Joe.  After conducting interviews, reading the police reports and 6,000 pages of his trial transcripts, I discovered HOW and WHY that could happen. Because his complex case was actually 8 cases in one, and the burden of discovering the DNA fell on the convicted man, and he was denied a port-conviction DNA test under new science, so the Innocence Projects declined to get involved. 

In 2005, Joe filed his Motion for Post-Conviction DNA Testing, the Court appointed him an attorney for the purpose, as he meets requirements under the 2004 federal Innocence Protection Act and CA PC 1404-1405.  But all the lawyer did was make a couple calls, no actual investigaton, no report filed, no Motion to compel discovery of DNA evidence that is known to have been preserved, and the Judge then closed his case.  The federal Innocence Protection Act and CA law required that the lawyer make a full report and file the Motion and notify the prisoner if the DNA evidence was lost or destroyed.  None of that occurred or it would be on the record.  Nor would the court appointed attorney release his Work Product as Joe repeatedly requested. 

In August 2013, Joe Garcia renewed his Motion for DNA Testing and was Denied.  The San Louis Obispo Court doesn't want it proven that they sent an innocent man to prison for the past 24 years.  So he needs your support on this petition.

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