Teddy Cohen

We have an opportunity to save wonderful, unique animals for the future of our planet. If the people who support an auction to kill them would use a camera rather than a gun, that single saved animal could be part of a genetic legacy that could save an entire species.

One black rhino could be…Read More

Protect Endangered Species
Protect Endangered Species Campaign leader

We are making waves! Ben Carter, Executive Director of the Dallas Safari Club says: “There’s a lot of people out there, frankly, that are…Read More

Dallas auction for the right to hunt endangered black rhino stirs uproar

Washington Post
As the organization moves forward with the auction to raise as much as $1 million to help preserve the near-extinct double-horned rhinoceros, worldwide attention — and outrage over the plan to allow the killing of one animal to save the waning species — is focused on the effort. “There has been a wide range of reaction,” said Ben Carter,…Read More
Fiona Gordon

THis auction will set a precedent for the future of endangered species "management". We MUST set a better precedent.
Hunting and over exploitation is why the Black Rhino species, and countless others, are endangered. The hunting community will tell us that they contribute significant monies…Read More

If every rhino is killed in our lifetime, then what is left for our kids and their kids to come. In the end they will only get to see the rhino and it's beauty in a picture. As a South African, we have the big 5. Rhino is one of our big 5. If no more rhinos, then no more big 5. Please let them live…Read More

Protect Endangered Species
Protect Endangered Species Campaign leader

The Dallas Safari Club says they are helping rhinos survive by hunting them. They are so wrong. Sweden and Netherlands just stepped up and…Read More

Dutch and Swedish lotteries make the largest donation ever ($21+ million) to fight rhino poaching

Good Guys Netherlands & Sweden Now that's generosity! The Dutch Postcode Lottery and the Swedish Postcode Lottery together gave 232 million rands to the Peace Parks Foundation of South Africa to fight rhino poaching in the region. If you convert it to US dollars, that's over 21 million! Peace Parks wants to create a network of protected areas…Read More
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