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Excellent Article explaining why our citizens are hurting so bad. We are losing jobs because the elected officials in MD don't care about…Read More

Maryland in disequilibrium [Commentary]

How did it come to this? Between 2007 and 2012, the State of Maryland raised taxes and fees 24 times according to Change Maryland, including raising income taxes during a 2012 special legislative session, increasing the sales tax on alcoholic beverages from 6 percent to 9 percent in 2011, and levying a hospital assessment that year. Despite these…Read More

As MD State Legislators raise our taxes, fees and tolls to unbearable levels they are getting ready to vote themselves a raise. This is…Read More

16% raise recommended for Maryland legislators who would make $50,000 in 2018 – MarylandReporter.com

By Len Lazarick [email protected] Former Delegate Barbara Kreamer testifies to the General Assembly Compensation Commission Monday. From right, they are Kreamer; Raymond Nix; chairman Sean Glynn; Mary Larkin; Steuart Chaney; and Ackneil M. Muldrow III. All but Chaney are appointed by the governor. Maryland legislators elected next…Read More
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