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Say NO MORE to sexual assault in the military

All service members deserve a reasonable expectation of safety and respect.

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Amy Farkle
Amy Farkle Campaign leader

Excellent post via Service Women's Action Network's Blog, About Face. Victim blaming is everywhere and it is one of the biggest hurdles…Read More

Victim Blaming

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 In a discussion about sexual assault in the military, an older gentleman at one point turned to me and said,  “What do you think, Kayla, don’t these girls know that if they’re in these situations and get partially undressed, what might happen?” I said, “I have to use the restroom” and walked out of the room to collect myself. This was partly…Read More
Amy Farkle
Amy Farkle Campaign leader

We need to make it safe for people to do the right thing and report sexual assault in the military. Until this happens, men and women will…Read More

Guardsman blew whistle, then his career blew up | |

By Bill Sizemore The Virginian-Pilot© October 20, 2013 Twelve years after his father gave his life for the unit, a Suffolk man says his military career has been effectively shut down because he accused senior leaders of a local National Guard squadron of engaging in and tolerating sexual harassment. At a time when the military services…Read More