Obama is a puppet he could not have gotten so far without help from the Federal Reserve and the off shore banking compines. Presidents are hand picked and groomed long before the people ever hear of them. The entire Government system needs to be redone. Big money and way too much corruptness…Read More

the price of precious metals should raise an eyebrow.

I don't think it's right for this great country to be ran by a traitor and his treasoness cohorts... I LOVE MY COUNTRY...

Because everything about this man, Barry Soetoro, birth certificate fake social security numbers - fake past- those in congress& the DNC & RNC that did not vet him properly need to be imprisoned IMPEACHED AND CHARGED FOR high Treason! Too much evidence implicates Obama and his crony cohorts…Read More

Because Obama is a total crook. He was born in Kenya and is a Muslim. He is a Sociopath. Everything he does is to destroy the Country! He ignores the Constitution and other laws on a daily basis.

Obama should be removed and then escorted to Prison for life!

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