visit www.oweakuinternational.org to give TEN BUCKS FROM 930 PLEDGES!!!!

We want to thank our generous supporters and allies who responded to the pledge to support Owe Aku in stopping the Keystone XL pipeline and other devastations from extractive industries.  We've been able to accomplish a lot over the past few weeks including well-attended educational and training gatherings at Manderson (Moccasins on the Ground) and in Ponca City, Oklahoma.  Gatherings will occur this weekend in Yankton and after that, Cheyenne River.  Thanks to Debra White Plume's direct action with educating and providing the facts to the people of Pine Ridge, the Tribal Council and Treaty Council have all passed resolutions to stop the Keystone from crossing Lakota territory.  

But we STILL NEED MORE FOLKS TO STEP UP!  The time is really now.  The public comment period is ending and Obama will have to make his decision on the pipeline soon.  We have to be ready.  We do not get much foundation support because they will not take risks and are afraid of this topic.  WE RELY ON THE ALLIES to keep our movement moving.  So far we have been able to raise $700 from our supporters for our transportation fund (the Lakota Oyate is a big place!) but with just TEN BUCK FROM 930 PLEDGES we would be able to accomplish even more.  We've had about 20 pledges, some giving more than ten bucks, so we're still a long way from our goal.

We are not an NGO, we do not have a 501c3, we do not get grants from any of the big mainstream foundations, and few from Indian foundations, and nothing from non-Indian environmental organizations excepting our friends in the Great Plains Tars Sands Resistance community.  Our work is because of the support of our allies.  WE HAD 930 PLEDGES ON THIS CAUSE PAGE.  TEN BUCKS FROM 930 PEOPLE would be a major resource in funding our work.  If you can give $10 please visit www.oweakuinternational.org to make a pledge.  100% of that sum comes directly to us (except the Paypal fee).  If you have any questions or comments also feel free to contact me, Kent, personally at [email protected] or 646-233-4406

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