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Protect Our Land Stop The Keystone Xl Pipeline

Keystone is all about short-term profits for bankers. NONE of this oil will benefit America or create long-term employment. Those who claim such are pathological liars. The technology for this type of oil transport has left Nigeria in ruins, both ecologically and economically. Do we want to be treated like a third-world country? NO! We are Americans and we need to let the multinational bankers know it! Face down the lying politicians! Shame them and save their children. Keep America clean for our returning vets....

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Pradeep Raj Takhar

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Protect Our Land Stop The Keystone Xl Pipeline

if resources that pollute were not mined and profited...the cross contamination danger of food chain and environment would not be threatened as a poisonous unsustainable menace, bitumen /tarrsands oil extracted from Albertan oil sands are the cancerous means of humanity threatened with dire consequences which effectively resorts to CLIMATE CHANGE...aspected the GMO seeds and inorganic means of cultivating an onset of vegetation thats also hazardous to human well bieng and thereby consumption of cancerous compounded health hazard. THE PROFITING FROM trade on these frontiers by ROGUE STATES LIKE CANADA is disquieting phenomenae, especially in a first past the post rooten democracy manipulative means of PROPAGANDA relating to economy and jobs creating investments like KINDER MORGAN OR KEYSTONE lobbyists ..teether tothering on a gamble of deciet and convoncing taht its a safe resource and a shipping or other transportation like rail ways or sea shore shipping crude on super tankers would not bew hazardous if not fatal for our pristine west coastlines in otherwise safe sanctions of set protocoals also would allow coal transportaion on burns bog sanctuary ..a no threat at all ...a lie consistent to crude corporate old fossil fuel energy promotion and trade..that has also a BIG factor of environmental disasater threatening ouyr prosperity and gebnearlly alls well bieng if the above resources dangerous were aklowed no bariewr of movement and gambled traits of greed is allowed unabated access and free pass on our vanguarded virtues of protecting the natural ecology now threatened by gross greed and careless corporations taking us for a ride with their money minded greed over resources like asbestos GMO BITUMEN OIL DIRTY CHARCOAL ETC ALLOWED FREE PASS AND ACCESS TO NO CHECKS AND BALANCES...THREATENING OUR SUSTAINED WELL-BIENG ...AN ALRMING THREAT MY CONCERN AS NOTED AND SHARED..FACE GRIM PROSPECTS OF DECIET WAIUTING IN WANTINGS TO DAMAGE A GOD FAITHED ECOLOGY WE AS HUMANS ARE EXPECTED TO PROTECT SO THAT GENERATIONS TO COME WE DID OUR PART TO A HEALTHY AND BEETR WORLD WE STROVE TO SERVE & PROTECT TO OUR NOBLE CAUSES..AS GURDIANS OF OUR WEALTH HEALTH AND SNACTIONED HUMAN RIGHTS CAN BE ASSERTED TO THE causes...WE IN UNISON SERVE TO PROJECT AND INFORMEDLY COMMIT TO DEFEND AND SANCTION ETHOS...NOTABLY SO THAT ECO HUMANIST HARMONY*EHH..IS THE ULTIMATE RESOLVE THIS CONVERSATION SERVES FIRST NATION SOVERIRGNITY WHERE PIPELINES POSE A DIRECT THREAT TO THE NOTION OF SELF DETERMINATION IN SELF ORDAINED SUPERCEDED AUTHORITY UNDER SIEGE BY TRESSPASED TRADED RESOURCES THAT ARE HAZRDOUS TO OUR UNSETTLED WAYS OF LIFE SANCTITY AND QUALITY OF LIFE IS DEEMED UNDER THREAT INTRUSION AND MALICE...KETSONE PIPELINE AND OTHER EXCESES IN THE WAITING AND POLLUTION AWAIT DANGEROUS ACCIDENTS THAT HAVE SEEN DOTTED ENGULFED COAST AND ATLANTIC CDN COAST WHEN EXPOLSION AND LOSS OF LIFE ON POIL RIGGS ON SESA BED CAIOSTLINES HAVE BEEN AN ODDYSEY OF DISASTER..OILERS IN ILK HAVE caused harm in MANY ACCIDENT DISATER WHETER ON SEA OR LAND PIPELINES AND RAILWAYS OR SEA SHORE SHIPS HAVE POLLUTED CONTAMINATED ENVIRONMENTS UNFORGIVABLE AT BEST THAT SHAPES LIFE LESSONS DEFENDING ORGANIC ONUS THAN GREED INORGANIC MEANS SHAPING UNCIVIL SOCIETY NORMS LOW CALIBRE RESOURCES AND SOURCES THREATEN CIVIC CIVIL SENSE AWAKENED SOCITIES...ARE INTOLERABLE SPACES OF ANY SHORT CGHANGED ONUS OF HARM REDUCE4D.KNOWLEDGE BASED NEW ECIOLOGIES PROMPT CAUSES SO DEAR TO OUR HEALTH IS WEALTH ....ONUS OF CIVIL SOCIOETAL taLKING STICK...ASPECTS OF INFORMEED CONSESNSUS STANDS IN THE WAY OF DECIET SHAPING CORPORATE LOW CALIBRE PROPS ...NO GOOD AS CAUSES OF great conern AS ....DIOSCOURCED ABOVE BY THIS READER IN GOODWILL AND RESPECT FOR HUMAN WELLBIENG AND OWNERSHIP TO A SAFE SANCTUARY OF NATURE ANIMAL AND HAMUN HUSBANDED CITIZENRY RESIDING TO BE ALIVE & LET LIVE COMMUNE ..WHERE SAFEW ENVIRIONMENT IS THE KEY TO A PROSPEROUS COLLECTIVE WELL BIENG NOT DECIT AND JOBS IN QUANDRY THAT SHAPES ILL WILL LAVE ALONE ANY GOOD TO HUAMN HEALTH IN LETTR WORD & SPIRIT IN CAUSES AS resolved...EHH

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