It was just announced that February was the coldest month on record in many east coast cities and the hottest on record for cities in the west including Portland, Oregon.  Climate change?  Yes.  Water patterns shifting?  Yes.  Last week President Barrack Obama vetoed Congress's latest attempt to put that KXL dirty, dangerous pipeline through our Lakota territory, a project that would only enhance the assault on SACREDWATER.  The veto does not mean the pipeline is dead.  It especially doesn't mean that the struggle to PROTECT SACREDWATER is over.  But it does mean it's working.  Grassroots peoples have been a critical component in this incredible effort to beat the odds against overwhelming power and money.  It is a battle won and one we are proud of.  Owe Aku is not going anywhere; we're in this for the long haul!!

Last week too, Moccasins on the Ground wound up on the Cheyenne River Homelands in Dupree.  Moccasins on the Ground was also the kickoff to the 2015 Owe Aku Spring Tour of Resistance (thank you Brenda Norrell and Censored News for posting the article by Natalie Hand).  

The Tour of Resistance is becoming an annual event giving us the opportunity to meet with allies around the continent, educate folks from all walks of life on SACREDWATER and how to protect it, and, in particular, this year, premiere the film CRYING EARTH RISE UP.  This documentary film by Prairie Dust Films and the Lakota Media Project is about the personal struggle of one family that is suffering from the contamination of our world with heavy metals, toxins, carcinogens and chemicals of all make and variety.  

Please share our updates and information with your friends and family and visit our webpage to SIGN UP for updates (left column).  And if you feel moved to make a donation, right on!  Giving $10 or $20 helps beyond what you could imagine because so many emerging allies realize this isn't about us or profit but ALL of our efforts are for the generations of young people we work for and with.  We're going to be looking for your support and hope you'll join us as allies.  Stay tuned.  Wopila.

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For more information on protecting sacred water, the efforts of Owe Aku or to donate to our ever-expanding outreach and building of alliances, please visit or on Facebook at Owe Aku Bring Back the Way.

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