do we help moms at the breaking point?

We are all responsible for this occurrence, as we all only stood by and watched and then later pointed our fingers at the poor helpless victims (the mother AND the child).  Shame,shame, shame on "all of us" ?

We must "hasten" to build more "respite centers" and full time "retreats" to help avoid this happening "over and over again" ! We must give parents a chance to "recharge their batteries" by dropping off their afflicted ones to a competent well staffed respite center, and assure them that a permanent placement in a proper retreat will be available for their loved ones, "when the time comes" !   No, "taking them with them" is not an option !!!! 

Please wish us godspeed, and if we don't hustle and do our part, then "Heaven help us all" ?

www.hlntv.comEditor's note: Polly Tommey is making a documentary on Alex Spourdalakis' case. She works with the Autism Media Channel and also has an autistic son. We'll talk to her about Alex's story Wednesday on Raising America at 12 p.m. do we help moms at the breaking point?

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