Adolfo Sánchez: the embodiment of Shattered

“The number of immigrants removed from the U.S. has steadily risen, from close to 190,000 deportations in 2001 to close to 400,000 per year in the past four years." (Molly O’Toole, “Analysis: Obama deportations raise immigration policy questions,”…Read More

The children of deported parents in the child welfare system are subjected to extended periods of separation and the risk of termination of…Read More

remind Obama to keep his promise to prevent the separation of families

Federal, state and local governments must create explicit policies to protect families from separation. These polices should stop the…Read More

Falling Through the Cracks | Immigration Policy Center

The Impact of Immigration Enforcement on Children Caught Up in the Child Welfare System One of the many consequences of an aggressive immigration enforcement system is the separation of children, often U.S. citizens, from their unauthorized immigrant parents. Take the case of Felipe Montes, a father who has spent the past two years fighting to…Read More

Thelma Gutierrez reports on an American girl who had to choose between living in the U.S. or with her family.

As parents are detained and deported, an increasing number of kids are stuck in the foster care system, with little hope of reuniting with…Read More