Last yesr's flu season demonstrated that the homeless or houseless communities are hit hard by disease. It was followed by an alarming outbreak of tuberculosis in Los Angeles. Whooping cough, noravirus, pneumonia and measles raged. And now - meningitis.

There are ongoing concerns about transmission of respiratory syncytial virus, and perhaps also the alarming, SARS-like novel coronavirus. Multi Drug Resistant (MDR-TB) and Extremely Drug Resistant Tuberculosis are expanding rapidly, with caseloads in the hundreds of thousands in Russia, China, India and South Africa. But fear  grows they may crop  up in London, New York, anywhere that has an airport.

Polio has returned! Thought to be close to eradication it now menaces children in Egypt Syria and Israel, threatening Europe.

Community health education in WASH (water,sanitation and hygiene) prevents disease . It should not be suppressed or delayed by entrenched interests concerned about their image.People's lives are at stake and services and warming centers should not become vectors of disease which ultimately harm the constituencies they seek to serve.

. "Congregate shelters often do become the source of horrible outbreaks.

Homeless/Houseless neighbors respond enthusiastically to WASH training (Water, Sanitation and Handwashing) to prevent disease transmission. The key is teaching folks to cough properly and provide the means for them to wash their hands at community meals and shelters.

 Act now and wake up the establishment which is trying to suppress known facts. 

Did you know 10% of then population carry meningitis but are asymptomatic? That antibiotics are wearing out around the globe? That lab experiments are creating super contagious new strains of bird flu? That H1N1 killed ten times as many as originally believed?

 Flu is coming back in 2014 and continues to pose an unpredictable danger to children, pregnant women, the sick, the homeless & the elderly. Your pledge will help and you  might even supplement your pledge of support by inviting some of your Facebook contacts.

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Geof Bard

Coordinator, Cough Hygiene Initiative

Alliance to Teach Everywhere About Community Health


Photos are unsheltered people who received a free LED headlamp in participation in the  Cough Hygiene Intitiative rollout.

Additional background information:

In Jacksonville, Florida, 99 cases of tuberculosis were not reported to the satisfaction of many observers, leading to 13 deaths. According to assessment published by the Center for Disease Control, a similar outbreak in New York State could have been averted with dissemination of better infection control practices. In Santa Barbara, California, the Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara suppressed dissemination of cough hygiene education as a national epidemic of influenza swept across the country. Despite support from many community leaders they do not implement disease contril protocols at the Freedom Warming Centers. And as reported in the Los Angeles Times, the LA Rescue Mission lost track of 4,650 persons who may have been exposed to an active infectious tuberculosis case.


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