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Community opposition over dam, lets get support to stop corporate abuse.

B.C. Hydro faces widespread community opposition over Site C dam

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Protest sign along Peace River in north eastern BC. Photo: The Tyee by Justine Hunter, The Globe and Mail, Saturday, Dec 7 2013 On a warm, cloudless September afternoon in 1967, premier W.A.C. Bennett clambered into the cab of a 90-ton belly dump truck to spread the last load of fill on what was, at the time, one of the most ambitious and…Read More

BC Hydro must stop raising the costs within British Columbia and change the service plans without corporate tactics of intimidation and…Read More

Gabriola Island plans break from BC Hydro

Residents of Gabriola Island, near Nanaimo, B.C., are in the early stages of a plan to generate and distribute their own power, which could mean a break with Crown corporation BC Hydro. Michael Mehta, a Gabriola resident formerly involved with SaskPower, is leading the initiative to form an energy co-operative. He hopes to combine tidal, solar…Read More
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