Hi everyone,

We have decided to create a fundraiser for the well known story of the 41 animals in Visina because the family who took them in can not do it by themselves since there are no job prospects in that village.They are kind hearted people who tried to save all these souls from the street but the truth is they dont have the money anymore to take care of them all.They are strugling with food for themselves so you can imagine the dogs and cats are in the same situation.They need to buy food for all the animals and pay the existing bill for what the bought for them so far this month.We have no one else to go to but you so please take the time to read this post and try to help them in any way you can!Every effort is much appreciated and it counts for so much in their lives!The situation is desperate and we are all these poor animals have!

They need a monthly sum of 470$ to feed them all and so far,we managed to raise 214$.We created this fundraiser so that people can stay informed on the situation of the donations and help us meet our goal of 256$ still needed  for this month.

Anyone who can donate for this cause,please do so at  [email protected] paypal or at www.romaniaanimalrescue.org .

Thank you so much!

Ioana Pasat

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