Emma Nicole VanWilgen, 2 years, was released from the Mt. Shasta, CA Intensive Care Unit on Friday March 1st after returning home from her court-ordered visitation with her father on Wednesday evening and a short couple hours later; OVERDOSED ON DRUGS!!! Before the ambulance arrived to Emma's home, she was experiencing seizures, her lips turned purple, and she completely stopped breathing. Her family has been fighting a custody battle with the abusive father, Jordan VanWilgen, since August of 2012 detailing all of the abuses Emma has gone through during her visits. Siskiyou County courts, specifically Judge Laura Masunaga, have completely ignored and dismissed their cries and pleas to keep Emma away from her abuser; which is the direct link to her recent overdose, NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE, and hospital stay. The family that is fighting hard to protect Emma has been told by Judge Masunaga that they are looking at things "through their own colored lens." No matter how extremely Emma refused to go to visits with the father, no matter how many times she returned home hurt emotionally and physically, and no matter how many witnesses or photographic evidence to these abuses in the custody battle; Emma was, AND STILL IS,  under a court order to see her abuser from Tuesdays to 9AM-Wednesday 5PM. Jordan VanWilgen has not yet been arrested for his many crimes against Emma!!!WE DEMAND JUSTICE! Sign the petition if you agree he should be arrested! Child abuse should never go unheard or un-punished!


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