This is a bold and historic declaration to a nation that has yet to rally around investing and supporting the success of its Black boys.

Join the Saving America's Black Boys (SABB) National Campaign in making a 21st century statement that says we believe in the capacity of America's Black boys to dream big and accomplish great things. Join us in developing a new landscape of opportunity that produces far more than the trickle of great Black men who had to overcome the extreme hostile environments of their youth and a society that despised them and their parents.  Join us in changing the economic system from one of severe hardship and widespread scarcity to a system filled with resources that cultivates talent and skills inherent in America's Black boys.

Join us in transforming the landscape of America by welcoming its most disconnected, lost and confused community.

Pledge to share this campaign with 3 people in your family, friendship circle and / or network.

Our approach is to inform and educate leaders and influencers: i.e. policymakers, educators, professionals, business and community leaders, investors, philanthropists, clergy, pro athletes and celebrities of the value inherent in America's Black boys to the 21st century innovation economy.

We believe too many leaders and influencers of America's Black boys are disconnected from the knowledge and networks that drive the 21st century innovation economy.

The result is a generation of lost, confused and angry youth who grow into lost, confused and angry men. They, in turn, continue to perpetrate the cyclical problem. The goal of our campaign is awareness and intervention. We introduce solutions necessary to develop infrastructure that cultivates STEM education and high-growth, high tech entrepreneurship.

So, we focus on the adults. The leaders. Those in positions of power and influence. And it is these folks we call to gather at our summits. It is these leaders and influencers we call upon to support our efforts.

Our campaign speaks of the problems and challenges, but only as the opening toward introducing and implementing solutions. Our summits Introduce unique visionary frameworks and call for a coalition of committed collaborators to work with us in implementing solutions that will disrupt the status quo and leverage today's innovative constructs, networks, technologies and opportunities to produce exponential (versus incremental) progress. The result is what we call Inclusive Competitiveness. The process is what we call Pipeline2Productivity. 

Our boys are talented. They are creative. They are smart. They hold within an inherent ingenuity that, if sufficiently tapped, could unleash a torrent of innovative entrepreneurs, job growth and generational wealth creation that benefits the overall economic competitiveness of every local region and the global economic competitiveness of the nation.

Will you join us in making an investment in America’s Black Boys? We believe it is a 21st century national economic imperative for all Americans.

We hope you agree. If you care, please share.


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