Strong communities begin with equal access to resources and opportunities for all. Machik was founded on a core commitment to promote women's education,capacity-building and empowerment. One of our overarching program priorities has been the development of projects that help level the structural inequalities facing Tibetan women through education, Tibetan Women's Writing, and social entrepreneurship and leadership training

  • Mother's Wish, a program to sponsor the education of young women in rural Tibet, has supported over 2000 young Tibetan women through middle, high school and college education.

  • In 2005, Machik empowered women's voices by sponsoring the publication of the first ever anthology of contemporary Tibetan women's writing to appear in any language, and the first Tibetan language Tibetan women's quarterly magazine, "Snowland Tibetan Women's Journal," edited and produced by Tibetan women.

  • Machik supports women like  Palmo Tso, a notable poet, writer, professor, women's advocate and humanitarian, who was born and raised in a nomad tenet.  
                                   "The Key to Real Happiness is to Teach and to Give."  - Palmo Tso  

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