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*~*"Chief White Owl's Law!"*~* Stiffer Laws And Harsher Penalties For Nursing Homes!

I have known people who have worked in these places where seniors have been beaten. The places that do this are owned by business men who under staff and under pay, so they make more money. Even though some take the job because they can't get anything else, or are under cut by illegals, they resent and take out their frustrations of the day on senior. All places are not bad and most workers are good, the following is for the bad . . . ( word changes here from the original saying) . . . Oh cruel stranger of my care . . . As young you are, so once was I . . . As I am now, soon you will be . . . so prepare yourself . . . to meet a person of cruelty . . . so you to may receive . . . the cruelty you wrongfully bestow on me.

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*~*"Chief White Owl's Law!"*~* Stiffer Laws And Harsher Penalties For Nursing Homes!

Gerald was victim of being overly drugged in nursing facilities using psychotropic drugs, and antipsychotic...drugs. Someday, Lord willing, WE will be THE ELDERLY. If this is not the future you want as an elder.... then WE need to start hammering a better way to treat those elders that we will become. Sadly, not all nursing homes and elder care facilities are created equally. Many places seem to prefer to drug patients up, pay fewer staff members, or pay them so little that they easily ignore the people depending upon them. There is no excuse for letting or forcing someone to sit in their own urine or fecal waste, for not allowing them to sit in the sun, if they are capable of doing that and want to do that. People are not asking for the moon. They are deserving of being treated with some actual care and consideration for the fact that while old, and in some cases sick and infirm NOW, they have been useful, productive human beings with a working brain and body in the past (generally speaking), who should be treated like human beings, not just drugged and forgotten. No matter how their family treats them, if you work in this profession, YOU need to always remember... they are people, and their care is in YOUR hands. And it is up to ALL OF US... to make sure that these places DO REMEMBER these things... and practice them with all due respect and diligence!

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