Part Time Volunteers Needed

  • Update #8

Dear Prison Slavery Abolition United Front (PSA-UF)/Committee to Abolish Prison Slavery (CAPS) Members, Comrades, Friends: The work before us is daunting, yet most important for a number of arenas of struggle. Over simplified, they include: 1) Prison…Read More

Your Appreciated!!!

  • Update #7

I would like to thanks each and everyone of you for your ongoing support, faith and prayers. You are very much appreciated. This gratitude makes us United we stand!!! want to keep going and never give up!! Together we can make a difference. We are strong!!…Read More

Take a Stand!!

  • Update #6

Please sign and share petition. This issue is very important to ALL. You make a Difference!! "Injustice anywhere is Injustice everywhere" Martin Luther King Jr.


  • Update #4

This Petition and United Front building represents “the least of these” - prisoners. Approximately 30 million prisoners, prisoner family members, ex-prisoners, and community members are directly punished and exploited/owned by this system thru the 13th…Read More

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