February is the month of love. This month please keep in your hearts the needy stray dogs of Ploiesti. They desperately need sterilizations so no more pups would be born to a tough and unfair life in the streets; they need food in order to survive; and they need veterinary assistance.

During this season of hearts we set forth three easy ways to help them:

A blue heart represents one sterilization. It's the greatest act of love and kindness, by preventing the birth of more innocent souls in the streets, and helping reduce stray dog numbers humanely. One sterilization costs 21 euro (including transportation of the animal to and from the clinic, plus 2 days of recovery care)

A red heart represents 1 bag of 10 kilos of dog food and costs 7 euro. It can go a long way here and feed many needy street dogs

Finally, a grey heart represents one medical need of an animal, whether it's a de-wormer costing 0.5 euro or a vaccine costing 10 euro. But every little bit matters! 

In February you can donate towards blue hearts, red hearts, or grey hearts. It is up to you! Any little bit can make a difference here, and go a really long way. Please don't forget to mention what kind of heart you give to the Ploiesti strays!


1 blue heart is 21 euro and represents 1 sterilization

1 red heart is 7 euro and represents 10 kilos of dog food

1 grey heart ranges from 0.5 euro to 10 euro and represents 1 veterinary need of a stray animal

PayPal: [email protected]


Thank you from the heart,

the RSDP team


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