Last stretch, we're almost there!

This year RSDP has already sterilized 316 animals in Ploiesti, a Romanian city plagued with massive stray animal overpopulation. In a city with thousands of strays with greatly reduced welfare, we fight with all our energy to sterilize as many female dogs and cats as possible in order to prevent more future suffering of innocent pups and kitten. Only the donations limit us in the number of sterilizations we can provide for this sorely needy community.

Our target for January-April 2013 is 328 animals (the number of sterilized animals in 2012). Yes, we aim to sterilize in the first 4 months of 2013 as many animals we could sterilize in the entire 2012. Can you help us reach our target?

We only need 12 more sterilizations to reach our goal. One sterilization costs 21 euro. 

Pretty please, could you spare the cost of one coffee towards helping us reach our goal of sterilizations?

We are so very close. Help us make it through the last 12 sterilizations and make it to the finish line!

¬The RSDP team of fighters for Romanian strays

PayPal: [email protected]

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