Let me tell you about Max. Little Max came a couple of weeks ago into our care. A small sized homeless pup whose front legs had been severed by a tram. A huge misfortune for the wee innocent soul, a heartbreaking sight to see for us all.

But Max is special. I don't think I have ever met such an ever happy soul despite his acquired handicap. You have to know him to love him. Max is an inspiration. The ever happy soul. Max really is not defined by his physical disability. It just does not define him! Max is a cheerful, ever happy little dog, THIS is what defines him. He is such an inspiration to anyone who has met him- being his sweet happy self despite his physical problems. Max is my hero and my inspiration.

On August 16th Max had an amputation surgery for one front leg that was severely damaged. But from this point on, news are only getting better. The other front leg only misses its paw, but tiny Max is likely to get a prosthetic paw and a wheel cart soon, so he can run happily through life! Max has the opportunity to go to the USA in a few weeks and get seen and treated by world class vet experts in prosthetic limbs. Max may even become the world's first bionic dog on 3 legs!

Weeks ago, one local vet suggested we put Max to sleep. I said no. We fought for him because we knew with 110% certainty that Max with his unbelievably positive spirit would be fine. He is a tiny dog with short legs and very little weight to carry on those legs. He is a young dog with incredibly good attitude to life. And now he has the chance to get helped by the best prosthetic limb experts in the world. Max will live and have a good quality of life, as good as his soul. He is so worth fighting for!

Please have a look at this video of him. This is Max:


Max knows no limit. Limits are only in our heads. Misfortunes only harm us as much as we allow them to. It was his incredible attitude that let me know I must fight for him, that he would be ok.

Max already received support towards his surgery and recovery care at the vet from lovely supporters: Mirjam, Frances, Christine, Kim, Robbert, Elaine, Debbie and John, Marie, Raluca, Toni, Mark, Linda, Inge, Carolyn, Corinne, Mia, Nel and her sister, John, Susan, Moira, Jane, Paola, Cristina, Ritva and an anonymous donor. Thank you for standing by his side!

While he's still in Romania under our care, Max will need support towards a much needed xray of his remaining damaged front leg, finish his puppy vaccination scheme, and get the medication and top quality puppy food he needs. Only a few more weeks, and then he's with the US experts that will help him so he can gave a great quality of life. Do you wish to help Max?

Paypal: [email protected]

Alternatively, bank account info is listed on the right side of our blog: http://romanianstraydogsploiesti.blogspot.ro/

Great many thanks! And Woof!, says Max.

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