“Justice for Alex”

41 years;

Accusations that aren’t true

Goodbye College and my career,

Another life another school.

Evidence thrown out

Proving I wasn’t guilty,

A sold out black child

Claims of conspiracy.

My lawyer was disbarred

And forgot to appeal,

No rights in this land of the free

All lips are sealed.

My mother’s only child

And grandmas baby,

She was fighting off breast cancer

During my mental slavery.

Starting quarterback;

Graduated from school,

19 without children

What did I do?

A chosen Black male

For a crime I didn’t commit,

My grandmother died,

Only our memories exist.

I never bothered anyone

Unless they bothered me,

Brutally attack a homeless man;

My hands are clean.

Innocent till proven guilty,

Not in this land,

For I was guilty as soon as they saw

My name, face and the color of skin on my hand.

I’ve made mistakes in my life

But I didn’t deserve this,

7 years served

And still no justice.


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