This weekend a wolf in Vestfold, Norway
was killed after the Vestfold Bondelag and Amund Kind send in an
application to the local government, in which they got yes. This
accident is linked to a recent incidents of other murders, and also a
discussion about how to deal with the stray-wolf from the Swedish
wolf and border-wolf. To make a signature on the wolf as a
nationality is problematic by itself, and by making a way around the
international law and protection of endangered species on a non-valid
and what we consider week points. The points was to protect the
“house animals” and farm animals, that are week points because of
the multiple of different alternatives for solutions like a better
protection of farm animals like in North America close to natural
reservations and countries like Spain, Poland and Italy. (one example
is the way of using wolf sounds from the farm to communicate with the
wolf as protection). Mainly we see the rise of this killings today as
a failure of knowledge and information about the subject today, but
also a new look at wildlife as something to take care or get rid of;
instead of living with it. The wild animals will not go away, no
matter how many one kills; or else one may want extermination as
environmental solution.

We ask everybody that did not know
about this issue to activate a discussion and also sign our cause,
but also send to everybody you know!

This issue is also about
how we deal with our environment as a ecological and open way today,
instead of reinforcement of extermination of wild-life and ecological
farming, for the sake of protecting industrial farming and local
hunting traditions.


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