We have reached the stage where history's largest genocide must be acknowledged in a public declaration of sincerity, democracy must not be impeded by the indiscretions of the past. Citizenship is the guardian of democracy and all people everywhere must have testimony to the dignity of America, a role model for democracy for many countries around the world.

Massacre and actions of U.S. soldiers 

As the Shoshone used tomahawks and bows and arrows for defense, the soldiers appeared to lose control. After killing most of the men and many of the children, they raped and assaulted the women. In some cases, soldiers held the feet of infants by the heel and "beat their brains out on any hard substance they could find."Women who resisted the soldiers were shot and killed. One local resident, Alexander Stalker, noted that many soldiers pulled out their pistols and shot several Shoshone at point blank range. The soldiers burned the Shoshone dwellings and supplies; they killed anyone they found in the shelters. SAGWITCH, P.52

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