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Sharon Jimmy-Swustesia
Sharon Jimmy-Swustesia Campaign leader

Aboriginal women in Canada are four times more likely than white women to become missing and murdered in Canada. We want an Inquiry on the…Read More

Opinion: We need a public inquiry into murdered and missing aboriginal women

It is a shocking number: 1,181. That is how many aboriginal women have gone missing or have been murdered here in Canada in the past 30 years. That is almost 40 women and girls a year who never came home to their friends and families. In Canada! The latest report by the RCMP has only come to confirm what many of us have known for years: If…Read More

The Indian Trust Fund must be transferred to Native Peoples of Canada. The tax dollars are used for Canadians, not just First Nations…Read More

Facebook page targeting Winnipeg aboriginal people pulled down

A Facebook page that attacked aboriginal people in Winnipeg and re-ignited the racism debate in the city has been pulled down. The page, called "Aboriginals Need to get a job and stop using our tax dollars," claimed support for Kelvin High School teacher Brad Badiuk who was suspended in January after making racist comments on his own Facebook…Read More
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