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    I campaign for freedom, equal rights and a peaceful resolution. Exercising internal and external…Read More

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Cowichan Tsou'halim
Cowichan Tsou'halim Campaign leader

Stop the healthy industry of native children. Sometimes it feels like were against no ears - when it comes to native children. Don't let…Read More

Grand Chief ‘horrified’ Alberta quietly allows organ harvesting from children who die in provincial care - APTN News

Brandi Morin APTN National News The Grand Chief of Treaty 8 in Alberta says he was “horrified” to find out Alberta has a policy allowing for the harvesting of organs from children who die in the care of the province. Treaty 8 Grand Chief Steve Courtoreille said he is upset that First Nations were not made aware of the practice until now. …Read More

There is always this discriminatory low down assumption about native peoples from society; they are always viewed in a dark way, rather…Read More

Indigenous man sick from kidney ailment booted off Greyhound bus, called ‘drunk’ - APTN News

John Murray APTN National News Barry Spence is an electrician who lives in the small town of Thompson, Man. He also suffers from kidney problems and the nearest health service centre to deal with his ailment is 700 km south in Winnipeg. He took a greyhound bus recently to a medical appointment for his kidneys. What happened on his way…Read More
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