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Isn't it time to seriously look at the illnesses, disease and death chemicals cause life in Canada, and seek accountability from…Read More

The Chemical Valley | VICE | Canada

  I Left My Lungs in Aamjiwnaang Breathing the Most Polluted Air in Canada By Patrick McGuire One of the many unintentionally ironic signs in the Chemical Valley. The first thing you notice about Sarnia, Ontario, is the smell: a potent mix of gasoline, melting asphalt, and the occasional trace of rotten egg. Shortly after my arrival I…Read More

stop the madness - stop sport hunting...

Meet the trophy-hunting racists who dictate wildlife policy in B.C.

Afro wigs, bananas, and big cheques for the politicians in the room It’s Spring, which means the usual passel of foreign executives, weird dentists, and professional sports players are flying around B.C. looking for grizzly bears to kill. Whatever you think of hunting for meat, the Spring grizzly hunt is different. Having emerged from…Read More

legislative poverty gives no room for hope for our younger peoples, no dreams to work toward, its time for change in Canada...

First Nations chief raises alarm after 10-year-old dies by suicide

First Nations in northern Ontario are calling for emergency relief after several young people, including a 10-year-old girl, died by suicide in recent weeks. The Northwest Local Health Integration Network report from 2010 showed the suicide rate for some First Nations in the area is 50 times the Canadian average for children under 15 years old.…Read More

We are seeking donations for a public forum for Indigenous Women to speak! Guests are invited to listen and present their platform on…Read More

Click here to support Indigenous Honor Blankets & Shawls by S Wilseem-Swustus
I am seeking your support and donations to make Honor Blankets & Shawls for Cultural Events and Give-Away Ceremonies and for Fundraising Projects for Prevention of Violence Against Aboriginal Women. We also need an embroydery sewing machine to make special designs on shawls or quilts. Blankets and quilts and Shawls are important for…Read More
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