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    I campaign for freedom, equal rights and a peaceful resolution. Exercising internal and external…Read More

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Sharon Swusth'us
Sharon Swusth'us Campaign leader

Will we be able to use our lands in 50 years when oil companies are gone and made their money? No...we won't.

‘Grossly Misinformed’: First Nations Want Answers to 1.3 Million Gallon Spill in Alberta

Indian Country Today Media
Special trucks were hard at work vacuuming up an oil-emulsion spill the size of three football fields on July 19 as Nexen Energy apologized for the pipeline rupture that sent 1.3 million gallons of mixed sand, bitumen and water into the muskeg. The spill, discovered on July 15 by a contractor, did not register on what the company had thought was…Read More
Sharon Swusth'us
Sharon Swusth'us Campaign leader

Reconciliation - is removing the systemic racial gap between the Indigenous Peoples and Government of Canada. We' have always lived on this…Read More

Perry Bellegarde touts value of aboriginal input for oil and gas industry

The national chief of the Assembly of First Nations is promoting the value of the aboriginal perspective to energy industry leaders. Aboriginals have a lot to offer the oil and gas industry, and not only as workers, Perry Bellegarde told an audience at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday. "My message is simple to energy and…Read More
Sharon Swusth'us
Sharon Swusth'us Campaign leader

This is wonderful, it's time for engaging, building friendships, working together in Canada.

Indigenous Winnipeggers becoming more politically engaged, says group

As Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau made a campaign-style stop in Winnipeg this week, a local non-partisan group that encourages indigenous people to vote says more aboriginal people in the city are becoming more engaged in politics. Trudeau was joined by former Winnipeg mayoral candidate Robert-Falcon Ouellette and other local Liberal candidates…Read More
Sharon Swusth'us
Sharon Swusth'us Campaign leader

Edmonton sits on Indian lands, its time for reconciliation and restoring the lands back to the Indigenous Nation.

Chief says Edmonton sits on stolen Indian land, hopes to reconcile past wrongs - APTN National News

APTN National News
(Members of Papaschase band in the Fort Edmonton area, circa unknown. Courtesy: Papaschase band website) Brandi Morin APTN National News EDMONTON — Long before the City of Edmonton was established, there lived an Indigenous tribe since time immemorial. Then in the late 1800’s the Federal Government moved in to settle the area, and soon…Read More
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