From Susan Prentice Hallett: (A VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE!)

(Mary Moose, Elder) explained to us that she hoped we understood her English, because she grew up speaking Ojibwe and Cree. She told us she had a dream in which she was visited by an elder who has walked on, the late Tom Stillday from Obaashiing in Red Lake Nation. She told us how in her dream Tom told her we need to help people in Canada, and he suggested everyone, all anishinaabe, all indigenous people put out a spirit plate on the same day at the same time to awaken the spirits, to ask for their help. Mary relayed that we should choose a date and time, and do it every year on that same day.

So the people in the talking circle decided to do this at noon on New Year's Day...
The instruction was that you may offer your feast food to any of the four elements: you can place the spirit plate in a water body, in a fire, in the air by hanging it in a tree, or on the earth. Mary and other elders will be speaking for the food. She asks everyone to do this, wherever you are. A facebook event has been created for this coming New Year's Day, the event is called " Idle No More! Anishinaabe Calling Around The World! "

Please share with everyone!

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