The Native Women carry the Word of Law, the Law of the Land. Let us protect the women and word of law of Coast Salish Territory. Time for Justice and Restoring the Lands, Sea's, and Resource to Cowichan; the original longhouse families of Cowichan.We have squatters, people or families that transferred onto our lands, and high theft of our lands, resources sold for personal gains, and a foreign election system making policies at band level pushing out the original families. Many of the original families have been pushed into silence from violence, taking children away, murdered, and neglect of housing, or forced to live in black mold! We do not see anything good on our lands, and we want our lands back. Its time for justice for the original families of Cowichan without violence, intimidation, violence. Womena have been raped, high suicide rate, and forced to live in black mold; land was stolen by lands management and administration and given to elective leaders and their families pushing out the original families in the last 50 years. We ask for your support and help to remove them.  
Support our Cause for the Original Families of Qu'wut'sun

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