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Get Housing For Cowichan Peoples Of Coast Salish Territory

The Housing Policy by Canada for Native Canada is a "Race Based" Policy and is a disgrace for all Aboriginal Peoples, causing desperate conditions for Native Canada. Not withstanding this larger problem, Cowichan Members housing units are constructed with cheaper and substandard materials causing structural problems and mold. Health issues have become a large problem caused by living in unsafe and condemned housing units. Because of the large problem with construction, housing units have to be fixed two or three times during the "short" life of the already substandard building. Many members cannot afford these costs and end up homeless and living on the streets. The Housing Policy needs to be reviewed and amended. The Cowichan First Nations land is located in the "heart" of Vancouver, just below the 1st Narrows Bridge. It is a disgrace to have these buildings viewed by public and visitors to the city. It is a disgrace for Canada to treat Cowichan First Nations Peoples in this demeaning way. Sign the Petition for better housing and living conditions for the First Nations Salish Peoples.

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Bonita Nath

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Get Housing For Cowichan Peoples Of Coast Salish Territory

There currently is no funding for housing or renovations for the Cowichan Peoples of the Coast Salish Territory. With your support, we can achieve our goal of ending homelessness and improve the living conditions of Cowichan Peoples on and off reserves. We need 97,798 signatures to reach our goal. Every signature counts. Your signature for this noble campaign will ensure that we will be able to fully combat homelessness in our own country one day. Thank you for your kindness and support.

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