A'Famosa Resort is primarily a golf resort, 2 hours south of Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur.

For amusement of visitors, Malaysia's most popular animal exploiters, A'Famosa Resort, stuff beautiful primates into horrific, tiny cages in their abusive A'Famosa Safari Wonderland. About 20 primates including gibbons, capuchins and stump-tailed macaques have been trapped for years in cages on what A'Famosa calls 'Monkey Island'.

The primates are not given adequate drinking water, we never see food in their cages and visitors are encouraged to buy food for the primates. Visitors can also be seen frequently mocking the primates.

The cages the primates live in are totally barren and they have nothing to do all day long, everyday except to display stereotypical behaviour as a result of great mental stress.

A'Famosa Resort are openly breaking the new Malaysian Wildlife Conservation Act 2010 by torturing the primates day in, day out.

Please sign and share this petition to ask PERHILITAN, the Malaysian Wildlife Authorities, to shut down 'Monkey Island' immediately.


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