Ozzy Osborn is one of the main musicians that created and formed heavy metal he will always be remembered as a legend and this will help people for generations to come remember the Ozzy!

Helen Maidiotis
Helen Maidiotis Campaign leader

This was the recent phone interview where Ozzy was asked about whether he knows about our campaign and he revealed that he has heard about…Read More

Ozzy Osbourne interview – See Black Sabbath live in London – Time Out Music

Time Out London
As I put down the phone after a brief but tumultuous chat with the great Ozzy Osbourne, talking to me from a tour stop in Berlin, I’m shocked to find myself blushing out of genuine embarrassment. I’m embarrassed because I’ve just been yelled at by one of my childhood heroes, and because I made the mistake of thinking that Ozzy is something he’s…Read More

I'm a great big fan of Ozzy for many years, I saw Ozzy for the first time live in Birmingham England He was Absolutely AWESOME !, All His Family are also Brilliant He deserves to be Knighted for all His contribution to the Rock World, Without Him the English Rock Scene would have never been the…Read More


Kitten Rose and Donna Pierce support this cause, so should you! \M/ Heads Unit ~^..^~

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