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HELLO !!!! NOUGH SAID !!!! 1st concert I ev went 2 was OZZ 2nd row center stage Motley Crue "Shout at the Devil" Opened [email protected]!! I was 13 yrs. old ..... I remember , like it was yesterday, at the end Ozz , With his arms goes come up front !!! i TURNED around and looked and it was like a Tsunami of rockers crashin n2 2 me .... "Lesson learned, no mo purse buyin a shirt at beg, etc..." Luckily this guy just grabbed me and threw me over his shoulders, ROCK ON !!!! This is my experience of course and means nothing on why u should vote 2 have him knighted, WOW !!!! 2 maNY REASONS ... Hello, He`s British and wouldnt that b cool, But , AND , BLACK SABBATH ALONE PERIOD !!!! Plus , he has always been himself, honest upfront , here I am like me or Fuck off, But i`m gonna b me !!! RANDY ROADS !!!!! (KISSES ANGEL) He has gotten 2 do this 4 us I mean come on IDK, but who is gonna knight him (I`m bookin my ticket as we speak ) !!! Unfortunately, 4 us other honest up front, heres me , don`t gotta guess.... It`s used against us even buy "BEST FRIENDS" of 20 + yrs. and etc, u know !!! Stupid, cause at least u know what ur gettting, don`t gotta guess, u know... That was the worst guy 2 interview him, but played still 2 his unbelievable sharp mind !!! U go !!! Oh, BTW I`m from Texas, born and still.... So he bit the head of a bat "trust me there r plenty n Austin" LET IT GO !!!!! It`s a flying RAT..... We have allllllll dun sumthin we shoulda, woulda ,coulda.... LOVE U OZZ< U KEEP ROCKIN ON IRON MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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