Last Leg Of Hope

  • Update #13

We have a final hearing in September over the return of the animals. We are now in crunch time to raise the outstanding balance due to the animals attorney so he can finish up paper work for the hearing. If we don't raise the nearly $4000, the attorney…Read More

This is Abbigayle's death report

  • Update #12

Abbigayle was pulled off of death roll. Her family after 5 years could not longer keep her and took her to a kill shelter. Abbigayle only had 30 minutes to live when she was pulled for me. Abbigayle was a huge, obese cat, she was very frightened and you…Read More

Update on May 15, 2013

  • Update #11

We have the latest bill from the animals attorney.  We have reached the $7000+ mark and have an outstanding balance of $3581 that needs to be paid so the attorney will stay on the case.  If not......well my familys pets will die. We have a hearing in June…Read More

Update on October 16, 2012

  • Update #10

The judge over the animals is Judge Lopp. People of my county (on animal controls side) have written to him to hear the case (when they don't know what is going on inside the case, just because a hearing has not been set doesn't mean the attorneys aren't…Read More

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