When the animals come home we are going to have to start from scratch from funding the cats food, litter, Rabies vaccinations, etc. We had applied for vouchers to get 5 of the cats spayed, and that money is now wasted because the vouchers are expired. All the cat will need Rabies vaccinations when released, FVRCP and the 5 cats spayed.

Coal the adoption dog needs a dog house and will need major medical attention once released. We are looking for a rescue that will take him upon being released.

We are not asking for any help for our personal dogs, cats and chickens but we will not turn down any offers.

We must build the chickens their chicken coop/run that we were in the process of designing last summer, we now have the plans done and are now building it. We were in the process of putting up a fence for the dogs last fall as well, that has been changed to temporary fencing due to the urgency, so many permanent things are still in limbo.

We started our rescue small and slow and had been at it for several years before going public with it, once we were doing well we stepped up and increased and did trial and error to assure what we were taking on we could handle both physically and financially the raid has financially ruined us and though we are restructuring we are still going to need financial backing to continue with it all. We have many supporters that will see us through but we need so much right now to achieve it all.

I hope you will support our cats while we regroup and get back on our feet.

Thank you

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