Lulu, a much loved family dog, was seized and euthanized within 1 hour. Diesel was held for 2 years (14 human years) in isolation, now at a location unknown to his guardian & fears for his safety. Zac & Chloe, killed before the Provincial judge had finished his summing up, they are  believed to have been gassed to death in Nanaimo’s gas chamber’s. Cane released but only after a year in isolation. Shadow, now released, was under threat of death for fifteen months. RDCO dog control officers (with RCMP help) kicked in the front door of a physically & mentally disabled, 61 yr old woman at 2 in the morning & took her 4 Pomeranians, dogs held for nearly 8 months caged in the same tiny concrete cells that imprisoned Diesel and Shadow. 

Canadian BC dog guardians & supporters are 'Biting Back' at a Draconian, and often abused, bylaw which has lead to extreme suffering of seized dogs. Elections there are imminent, Please will you lend them your support by LIKING their Page: If you live in BC there is a hard copy petition with a fact sheet for printing & distribution. Follow us on Twitter @ALUNAsect49dogs

* Dog Control Officers are making decisions to seize, impound and are applying to have dogs destroyed; and cannot be challenged without a long and expensive process of a hearing causing much stress to both the dogs and their guardian(s). Some cases are taking a year or more to be heard.

* Dog Control Officers need more training – they are trained in enforcement, and not in dog behavior. These dogs are being confined in short-term confinement facilities for long periods of time pending judgment.

* Because of long term confinement for their pet and unaffordable legal expenses, many dog guardians are forced to surrender their dogs for euthanization without due process.

* In some cases, an “alleged” dangerous dog has been deemed not guilty by a Judge, with the Judge releasing the dog back to its guardian(s) – with or without conditions.

* Dog owners have no rights once their dog is seized – MAY EVEN INVOLVE YOUR DOG BEING EUTHANIZED without the guardian’s knowledge or approval.

Follow us on Twitter @ALUNAsect49dogs


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